Our concrete plant in Lanaken

Mixing granules and sands with cement

In order to be able to process inert waste materials into recycled materials with more application possibilities, we invested in a concrete plant at HERWEY in 2009. This allows us to mix new and recycled granulates and sands with cement. You can come to us for the collection of stabilised sand, dry concrete, stabilised crushed stone and more.

If you wish to bind your soil or granulate hydraulically, we can also help you with this. For certain purposes, you may need stabilised raw materials. We do this by mixing your supplied raw materials with the desired quantity of cement.

Know-how and certificates

Over the years, we have built up a great deal of know-how in processing inert waste materials and stabilising raw materials. Thus, with the help of preliminary studies, we can determine the ideal ratio to achieve the right compressive strength for your project.
You can find our certified mixtures on the website:  extranet.copro.eu