Recycling of inert waste materials in region Limburg

Collection and recycling of inert waste materials

Over the years, we have specialised in the recycling of inert waste materials, such as mixed and concrete rubble. We then process these with the aim of giving a new life to thousands of tonnes of waste in a sustainable manner. Anyone who has just completed a demolition or renovation project can have their waste delivered to us. If this is not possible, our team is available to collect it for you.

Recycling of this waste takes place at our fixed location in Europark in Lanaken. Inert materials and finished granulates can be delivered and transported by axle or waterway.

Processing into certified granules

Sustainability is of paramount importance at HERWEY in Lanaken. That is why we strive to process as many inert waste materials as possible into high-quality and certified sands and granulates such as mixed granulate and concrete granulate.

Our facility is CLASS I licensed, and all activities take place under the supervision of OVAM. The certification of our materials is also done by an external body, COPRO VZW. Since 2009, we have been able to bind the sands and granulates produced in this way hydraulically with cement. As of 2012, this processing is done according to COPRO's TRA-21 certification. For an overview of the certified mixtures, please visit the website: